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Carnivore Tracker

Spot it, Report it.

The members of LCMAN have created the Carnivore Tracker App. for both Apple and Android phones. Carnivore Tracker is a citizen science driven project which collects presence data for all carnivores across Namibia from the yellow mongoose to leopards and lions. Our hope is that hunters, farmers, tourists, teachers, business men and many more people will use Carnivore Tracker to report their wild carnivore sightings to record their GPS location and contribute to a national database to help focus conservation efforts in the future.

We are excited that Carnivore Tracker is the first App. of its kind for Namibia.

Carnivore Tracker is a free to download and free to use application designed to allow anyone with a smartphone to contribute to the conservation of Namibia's carnivore species regardless of their background or level of knowledge by simply logging their sightings as they occur. Data or WiFi connectivity is not required as the sightings are stored and uploaded when they become available making it ideal for use in remote wilderness locations where they may not be available.

The data will be used to create a national presence map for Namibia which will allow researchers to identify differences between protected/unprotected areas, human-wildlife conflict hot spots, long-term changes in carnivore populations and in turn where to target much needed conservation action and management. The information will feed into key government departments such as the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, in order to inform carnivore conservation and management strategies across Namibia.

These data sets will be particularly important for those species that live outside of national parks in the private farmland. Carnivore Tracker enables people to connect with the scientific community across Namibia who want to contribute to the collection of essential distribution data to ensure we have accurate and robust data on the distribution and status of the wild carnivore population across Namibia. The data obtained from Carnivore Tracker will be open source as it will upload data into the Environmental Information Service carnivore atlas which contains a long history of carnivore records across Namibia and is Namibia's leading online knowledge repository.

Namibia's wildlife is amazing and it brings people from all over the world to Namibia to view it. We all have the same vision to help conserve and enjoy our unique wildlife now and for future generations.

Carnivore Tracker was recently featured on 99fm Master your Destiny Earth -
Following in the Tracks of the Greats - click here to listen to the interview with Dr. Louisa Richmond-Coggan from the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Download Carnivore Tracker for free today and become an active member of the research community


Companies supporting us:

Cape Cross Lodge
Pack Safari Kiripotib Collection - Namibia
Namibian Nature Foundation Municipality of Otjiwarongo
The Cardboard Box Travel Shop

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For more information about this project and how you can get involved email: ccfecology@cheetah.org

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