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The Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia (LCMAN) comprises a membership of organisations that have come together to form a not-for-profit Association to promote and support the long-term conservation of healthy populations of free-ranging large carnivores in Namibia.

Leopard footprint Captured problem leopard
The main Objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote an understanding of large carnivores, their biology, ecology, roles and values in ecosystems, interactions with people (and their production systems), and conservation requirements;

  • To serve as a national body of expertise and as a point of reference for all matters concerning large carnivores, including legal, policy, management, research and related issues;

  • To advocacy for and on behalf of large carnivore conservation, to ensure that sound research-based information and management is applied, as well as ethical practices in all aspects of large carnivore management, conservation, research, reintroductions, housing, utilization and related issues;

  • Cheetah in box trap Cheetah immobilised for collaring

  • To facilitate and encourage the co-ordination of large carnivore conservation, research and management in Namibia.

    This includes the following:
    • Applied research and monitoring under the objectives of the National Carnivore Monitoring Programme;
    • The development of techniques to implement the long-term monitoring of large carnivore densities, distribution, conflict and utilisation;
    • Sharing information, data and collaboration on research and management initiatives, including data analysis and dissemination;
    • Development of effective conflict resolution programmes between large carnivores and livestock and game farming practices and people's security;
    • Facilitation of good communication between all parties involved in large carnivore conservation and husbandry, including with non-members of LCMAN;
    • Provision of relevant information, raising awareness and promoting appropriate environmental education;
    • Promoting and supporting the development, updating and implementation of species specific national management strategies and action plans for large carnivores, and actively participating in the development and implementation of regional and transboundary strategies and plans.

  • GPS cell phone collar GPS sat collar on cheetah male

  • To establish sound and acceptable principles and procedures for the holding of captive large carnivores, including:

    • Identifying (by definition) organisations approved to hold captive large carnivores;
    • Establishing detailed requirements for large carnivore holding facilities;
    • Establishing the conditions under which large carnivores may be taken into captivity and for what purposes (e.g. to translocate to areas with less potential conflict, to rehabilitate

  • Measuring cheetah muzzle Male cheetah with GPS cell phone collar

    Assessing leopard teeth Measuring leopard canines

    Leopard blood samples Released collared leopard

  LCMAN Coordinator c/o Namibia Nature Foundation   Tel: +264 61 248345,   Fax: +264 61 248344,    E-mail